Data Collection and Research Management Made Simple
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Part 1: Introducing LabFront
Part 1: Introduction to LabFront
Provide participants with an easy-to-use personalized app
- Step by step instructions
- Customized to your research needs
- User-friendly consumer wearables
View our security features
How it works
Build your own data collection App (for your research participants)
Using the Project builder, create a custom data collection and todo-list app that can help participants keep track of the data they need to collect.
Set-up participant tasks
Create custom tasks for your participants to perform during the project to guide your study towards your research objectives.
Choose Research Tools
Want daily step count? How about EKG signal? Or RR-interval? Collect data from multiple wireless mobile devices simultaneously. Choose what you need.

View available devices →
Invite participants to join your study
After setting up the data collection App, Labfront will generate a unique code for each participant to log in to the App.
Collect participant data and keep track of progress
Participants use your customized App at home to collect research quality data. You can view and track all data in real-time to ensure proper adherence.
Complete tasks and upload data
Participant data is directly connected to the PhysioQ App and uploaded to the PhysioQ cloud through bluetooth and internet connections. Built-in smartphone functions allow for geo-tagged timestamps.
Manage and ensure participant adherence
Through our interactive LabFront dashboard, researchers are able to observe participant adherence remotely and in real-time, allowing them to flag any anomalies and take immediate action.
Download and analyze data
Easily export your data at anytime in a variety of formats, such as txt or csv. With timestamping and unified formatting capabilities, your data will be easily understandable, saving you hours in re-formatting.
Make groundbreaking discoveries!
"Now, more than ever, we need tools like Labfront that can help researchers take their research and data collection virtual."
Dr. Gloria Yeh, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Securing your data
PhysioQ strives to meet the highest standards for data security and privacy, and ensure that your data collection and storage is set up to comply with all relevant best practices
2-step verification
Two-step verification provides an extra layer of security designed to ensure that your account can only be accessed by you.
Regular vulnerability testing
Our PhysioQ system is tested regularly (at least once a month) for potential security concerns.
Email and text alerts
Be notified via email or text message to any security concerns regarding your account.
Encrypted data transfer
Data moving between devices within the PhysioQ platform is encrypted using TLS. This keeps your data secure while in transit and ensures your data can only be decrypted by users with the proper rights.
Anonymized data collection
Have your participants’ identities removed from their datasets.
Trusted device management
Have your account protected with more steps when being accessed by an alternative device.
Learn more about how PhysioQ secures your data →