Make scientific research come alive with Labfront for schools!

Empower high school students to become researchers and create groundbreaking discoveries through the use of wearable devices and our data analytics platform!
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Create an innovative science experience

Allow students to develop a deeper understanding of the scientific method by experiencing the process from hypothesis to data analysis to presentation in a hands-on, collaborative manner.

Empower students to create change

Empower students to tackle health problems in their communities and witness the application and direct benefits of scientific research in the real world.

Prepare high school students for the future

Expose students to exciting career opportunities in the booming industry of health data analytics, an important field where the majority of health innovations will emerge from in the future.

Experience Labfront For Schools from a student’s perspective

Watch the first video in our student tutorial series introducing our platform

We provide the tools, you make the discoveries

Implementing new tools can be daunting. We offer step-by-step instructions for both teachers and students that come in the form of bite-sized video tutorials and handout resources!
PhysioQ-compatible wearables
Through smartwatch sensors, students are able to collect personalized data for their projects
Labfront platform
Students create tasks, monitor their participants and analyze the data collected on our platform available on both desktop and mobile devices
Resources for teachers and students
Teachers have access to resources for both them and the students in the form of videos, pacing guides, quizzes, rubrics.. and much more!
Additional features include access to:
Training and ongoing support
Mentorship opportunities
PhysioQ Student Community

We keep it simple and streamlined

1. Create a Project
Sign up using desktop/app feature and create tasks for participants
2. Start Collecting
Run activities and time-stamp them with wearables
3. Make Discoveries
Collect, analyze and present data findings with your community!
Adaptable to all settings
Labfront allows students to collaborate with peers, whether in-class, hybrid, or in a remote school environment.
Scalable for all sizes
With Labfront for schools, high school teachers can run small-scale projects in an after-school program, to semester/year long curriculum-integrated experiments.
Teacher and student-friendly
Regardless of a teacher’s subject expertise, Labfront for schools offers an easy-to-use platform with accompanying How-To resources to run successful science projects from start to finish
Secure and compliant
As a platform trusted by top academic institutions across the world, Labfront is tested in accordance with the most recent standards in data security in order to protect all users in the best possible way.
"A tool that gives students the ability to collect real-world data and solve community based problems is a game changer in the education system"
Mr. Zochowski, High School Science and PE Teacher, Ontario, CA
"I've never really enjoyed scientific analysis projects in school before; however, with LabFront, my perspective completely changed, as I was truly able to sprout a newfound interest and passion for data analytics. Thank you!"
Destinee Ramos, Neenah High School, Wisconsin, USA
"LabFront is very user friendly and was a massive help with the data collection and analysis for my project. I learned so much about data analytics and had a ton of fun!"
Noah Quadri, Lexington High School, Boston, USA

Our Mission

PhysioQ is building tools to support STEM education in youth, primarily in health data analytics.

Traditionally, when we think of careers in health sciences, we usually think of professions like doctors or nurses. However, there are so many other options, and currently there is  a growing demand in the field of health data analytics. We believe that a large portion of future health care innovations will come from this sector.

With Labfront, we are hoping to give kids exposure to some of the great work that can be done in this field.

We look to inspire students early in their education to learn the wonders of scientific discovery and further their passion for health science.

As a non-profit, we offer the service at the lowest cost possible

Labfront for schools is part of Nonprofit PhysioQ’s mission of making STEM and health research education more accessible to youth, and as part of that goal, we offer the service at the lowest cost possible.
Contact us for customizable price package plans
(Billed Annually)
1 teacher account
Unlimited Student Participants

Great for one teacher-led sample experiment
(Billed Annually)
Unlimited teacher accounts
Unlimited Student Participants
Up to 100 Student Researcher accounts**
Students create their own personalized projects and
act as researchers
One-time onboarding fee: $150 (includes all of the resources, videos, ongoing support)
*Prices reflect annual billing. Monthly billing is $25 and $150 respectively.

**For additional student, a charge of $0.50 (50 cents) is added to the per month rate.

Getting Started

Are you a science teacher, director, or principal looking to incorporate innovative programs in your science curriculum? Would your students benefit from a hands-on experiential approach to learning about data analytics and scientific discovery?

Contact us directly at or leave your info below with some questions you may have and we will be sure to reply asap.
LabFront for schools, health research for the STEM classroom
Make science come alive
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