An Open COVID-19 Databank for Research
Accelerating COVID-19 research
In the fight against COVID-19, data is the fuel. NEO users from across the world have come together to donate their anonymized data to aid in the fight against COVID-19. The thousands of research-quality, real-world datasets that make up this data bank, collected on the LabFront platform, will be available to all researchers for free—you just need to apply.
Background: The Q Databank
Why is this Databank different?
Although many other important initiatives are being launched, we are different in three ways:

1) It’s open: That’s right, this is citizen-generated data! There is no overarching grant organization that is funding this or academic institutions trying to hoard all the data. Apply and get access.

2) It’s real-world data: We are collecting data in the real environment in which people are leading their day-to-day lives. Most of the COVID-19 data has been collected in clinical settings which means there is a lack of data prior to and post-discharge. This also skews the data, only having data on the severe cases requiring admission.

3) Not your average consumer wearable data resolution: Partnering with Garmin, we are able to increase the frequency and resolution of the data collected from their sensors to levels not available with other consumer wearables. Research-quality data with consumer-level convenience and comfort.
What is being collected?
We are collecting minute-by-minute values for oxygen saturation as well as beat-to-beat interval pulse rate from the wrist. This allows for some really interesting measurements and calculations, such as Heart Rate Variability and more.
Background: The Organization/Service
What is Neo?
NEO is a free, at-home COVID-19 early-warning data collection and management system that allows anyone to easily monitor themselves and family members via affordable wearables. NEO is a public service created by PhysioQ specifically for this global pandemic.

In addition, NEO users have also joined to donate their data to aid researchers, such as yourself, in the fight against the novel coronavirus.
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What is LabFront?
PhysioQ’s LabFront is a software platform that simplifies the data collection and management process for both researchers and participants. It can help with anything from physiological, to psychological, to epidemiological research – you name it, we can probably help.

LabFront helps you lower the cost of your research by 1) using consumer wearables with research-quality data and 2) managing the data collection and participant management process. You’ll also be able to tell if participants have completed their tasks in real-time. As for the data and hardware, don’t worry, you never need to write a line of code.
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Join the fight against Coronavirus
These everyday citizens have done their part, contributing their data. Researchers, now it’s your turn. Commit to fighting COVID-19 and future pandemics by studying the data from the PhysioQ COVID-19 Databank.

Our fate is in your hands. Let’s take down COVID-19, together. Sign up today for updates and early access.
Support the Fight Against COVID-19
We are offering NEO completely free, but it costs us money to build and operate this platform. As a nonprofit organization, we need your support. If everyone that reads this donates $10 dollars, it’ll make sure we can continue providing impactful services.
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