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Frequently Asked Questions
Why is PhysioQ a nonprofit?
We believe that health research has a better chance of creating significant breakthroughs when the tools used to support it are affordable and when providers of those tools don’t have any commercial motivations.
How was PhysioQ founded/funded?
PhysioQ was founded by health-technology social enterprise Kiipo and nonprofit XResearch Coalition. Kiipo funded the initial development and release of PhysioQ as part of their commitment to pushing forward health research. After release, we hope to find sponsors and donors that can keep our service afloat.
Who is Kiipo?
Kiipo is a Taipei based health-technology company founded in 2015 on a mission to make quality healthcare more accessible to everyone. Their previous work includes EMS systems in Ethiopia and citizen research initiatives in mainland China.
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PhysioQ Organization Status and Donations
Is PhysioQ a registered nonprofit?
Yes. PhysioQ Inc. is a registered nonprofit in the state of Massachusetts. We are in the midst of applying for 501c(3) status.
PhysioQ is non-profit, so why do I need to sponsor to get all the features?
It costs time and money to keep our servers online. Unfortunately we don’t have enough grant funding (yet) to make PhysioQ fully free. We’ve adopted a fee-for-service model common to nonprofits to make our ends meet. If you are connected to a charitable or philanthropic organizations that would be open to working together, please reach out to us at hello@physioq.org.
How is the sponsorship cost calculated?
Individual sponsorship costs are calculated based off breaking even with 2000-3000 sponsors each month.
What if the donations exceed our base costs?
If that happens, firstly, we would need to thank all our sponsors! Next, we will decide in which direction we focus the extra money. There is an active list of new feature requests where all sponsors can suggest and vote on which features they want to see next. This will help steer our development team’s efforts.
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Furthermore, if there is still more money left over, even after maximizing capacity to build new features, we will start crediting Sponsor accounts, further reducing the cost of PhysioQ.
Data Storage / Privacy / Security
How do I know I can trust that PhysioQ will keep my data confidential and secure?
We are a nonprofit and have no commercial interest in your data. Our goal is to make health research more accessible. We know that for our platform to be instrumental in supporting this objective we must provide our users with full trust. If we jeopardize our reputation with users, we jeopardize our service and damage the potential progression of health research.
What is the PhysioQ Data Bank?
The PhysioQ Data Bank is a publicly-available supply of anonymized physiological data collected through our platform. All PhysioQ researchers are given the choice to donate their data here. In recognition of this gesture researchers are gifted a storage credit to their account. For more information, go to the Data Bank page.
Why should I consider donating my data to the PhysioQ data bank?
We believe that the chance of significant health breakthroughs improves with increases in the amount of health data available to researchers. In donating your data you give your data a chance of creating positive impact beyond your specific research.
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