Introducing PhysioQ Academy

August 23, 2021

We have launched PhysioQ Academy, an educational hub for all things related to health research and wearable technology! 

At PhysioQ, our goal is to make health research as accessible and affordable as possible. We do this by creating tools like Labfront, a platform that facilitates wearable data collection for researchers, as well as through education on topics surrounding health research and wearable technology at PhysioQ Academy. 

After launching Labfront and working with different wearable devices this past year, we noticed there were considerable knowledge gaps amongst researchers and academics interested in collecting physiological data in their studies. To address this, we decided to use our expertise to help bridge that gap by offering comprehensive content for researchers interested in using wearables.

At PhysioQ Academy, you can expect to see highlight pieces and interviews showcasing researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds who are collecting physiological data, and how that data is strengthening the results of their studies. Our videos and articles will closely examine the benefits and challenges of using wearable technology in health research in addition to physiological data analytics, the various metrics and biomarkers smartwatches can collect, and much more!  

Interested in a more interactive experience? We offer free monthly or bi-monthly virtual workshops that are open to the general public. Workshops can also be requested for groups of 10 or more which is perfect if you’d like to book one for your lab. Our current workshop offerings include The Future of Wearables, Understanding Garmin Data, and Heart Rate Variability. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with announcements of upcoming workshops because we may have some impromptu sessions that you won’t want to miss! 

Our vision is to create a community of researchers supporting researchers. In this dynamic field, collaboration and sharing experiences and insights make a significant impact. We welcome contributions in the form of ideas or article pieces you’d like us to share. Also, if you are an expert on a topic related to health research, you can volunteer to host or co-host a workshop with us. Please feel free to contact us at We look forward to working with you!

Visit PhysioQ Academy here.


PhysioQ is a nonprofit organization that believes the pursuit of knowledge and advancement of scientific research--as well as the engagement of citizens in the scientific process--is the path to a better society. PhysioQ creates affordable and easy-to-learn research tools, allowing anyone, from academic researchers to everyday citizens, to conduct health research and further their passion for health science.