McGill alumni found PhysioQ to facilitate health research in Canada

January 6, 2020

Nonprofit organization PhysioQ aims to make health research accessible to any Canadian.

OTTAWA, ON, CANADA, January 6, 2020 — Founded in January 2020, PhysioQ Canada provides affordable and easy-to-learn research tools, allowing any Canadian, from academic researchers to everyday citizens, to conduct health research and further their passion for health science.

PhysioQ’s first product is a software platform that simplifies the data collection and management process for researchers and participants. Leveraging the advancements in wearable devices, it allows remote monitoring of research participants in real-time, outside the traditional laboratory environment (real-world data). It helps with various types of research from physiological, to psychological, to epidemiological research. With a sister nonprofit organization launched in the US in 2019, PhysioQ’s platform is currently being used across top academic institutions across the US from Harvard to UC Berkeley.

PhysioQ was established by the founders of global health-technology social enterprise Kiipo, Jordan Masys and Chris Peng. Both McGill University alumni, they now turn to create impact in Canada. “As a Canadian, I’ve been looking forward to this milestone for quite some time. This is home and where I developed my passion for health science” says Jordan Masys, PhysioQ’s Co-founder. “We’re looking to help accelerate research in Canada while also igniting the future generation of Canadian researchers with the passion to make it happen.”

In addition to empowering researchers with affordable research tools, PhysioQ also strongly supports STEM learning and engagement with youth. It has developed educational programs that students can use alongside the PhysioQ platform, where they can experience designing and launching their own research projects. “Typically, students have to commit to a decade of science education before being able to conduct research,” says Jessica Ianniciello, PhysioQ’s curriculum director. “We believe in learning by doing. Having students use technology such as wearable devices and interact with health data in a tangible way, we can hopefully inspire an entire new generation to develop a passion for health science.” PhysioQ has also developed teacher resources to allow seamless integration into science curriculums and extracurricular programs. 

Joining the PhysioQ founders on the Board, are McGill Alumni Jessica Inannicello, educator, and Dr. Michael Szpejda, Physician at the University of Toronto.

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About Kiipo: Kiipo is a global health-technology social enterprise aimed at leveraging technological innovations—AI, Machine Learning, IOT—to tackle the world’s healthcare disparity. They are founded on the principle that everyone has a fundamental right to a healthy life. They bridge the gap between cutting-edge medical breakthroughs and people, striving to make the most advanced health technology available to everyone in the world. At Kiipo, everything revolves around a single ethos - maximize impact!
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PhysioQ is a nonprofit organization that believes the pursuit of knowledge and advancement of scientific research--as well as the engagement of citizens in the scientific process--is the path to a better society. PhysioQ creates affordable and easy-to-learn research tools, allowing anyone, from academic researchers to everyday citizens, to conduct health research and further their passion for health science.